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March 04, 2015
9:32 PM

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Tax Collection   
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Tax Collector:  Bruce MacLeod
Phone Number:  (609) 884-9587

Deputy Tax Collector:  Joann Bradley
Phone Number:  (609) 884-9541

Senior Tax Clerk:  Patricia Dillon
Phone Number:  (609) 884-9540

The Tax Collector is responsible for the billing and collection of all real estate taxes, and the maintenance of all records pertaining to billings, collections, veteran and senior citizen deductions, results of tax appeals, and all required reports for the City of Cape May. In New Jersey, the local municipality is the conduit for billing and collecting taxes due for school and county taxes. The City of Cape May tax bill includes amounts due for the general County tax, County Library tax, County Open Space tax, the Local District School tax, and the Regional School tax, as well as the Local Purpose tax. Only the Local Purpose tax is kept by the City of Cape May for operational expenses. State of New Jersey law requires the local municipality to pay 100% of the taxes due to the county and schools quarterly. The municipality absorbs any shortfall in the amount of taxes actually collected

Percentage of Tax Collection 
                   2010  -  98.36% (unaudited)
2009  -  98.29%
2008  -  98.67%
2007  -  99.07%
2006  -  98.49%
2005  -  98.77%
2004  -  98.71%
2003  -  99.04%
2002  -  98.71%
2001  -  98.69%
2000  -  98.33%
1999  -  98.32%
1998  -  98.30%
1997  -  97.79%
1996  -  96.98%
1995  -  96.54% 

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