Cape May City, New Jersey

July 02, 2020
1:29 AM

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Contact Person: Joe Picard , Superintendent

Telephone: 609-884-9570 Main Number

Fax Number: 609-884-8821

LOCATION: 833 Canning House Lane

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM


The Administrative Office, Buildings & Grounds Department, Streets & Roads Department, Traffic Maintenance Department, and Recycling Department performing together, collectively function as the Public Works Department.

The City of Cape May Public Works Department is responsible for the care and maintenance of streets, public buildings, lands, parks, playgrounds, beaches, a pedestrian walking mall, a promenade and boardwalk, storm sewer systems, motor vehicles, and all similar items related to the physical plant and infrastructure within our jurisdiction. This responsibility includes operating in a manner to achieve the most efficient and effective use of funds, personnel, equipment, materials and supplies and reporting conditions and the requirements to the Administration. An equally important function is the monitoring or contracts, agreements, and grants, as well as the purchasing procedures and surplus material disposal practices.

A significant function and responsibility of the Public Works Department is the planning, organizing and directing of the many tasks to meet the needs of numerous groups and organizations. Because the front-line tasks that we perform have an uninterrupted and direct influence upon the condition of our community, our responsibilities encompass ensuring that our tourist economy, which is dependent on seasonal amenities enjoys good health and that our treasure of Historic Victorian structures remain preserved. 

In 1976 the Secretary of the Interior designated the entire City a National Historic Landmark District which impacted and advanced our maintenance and restoration responsibilities. Although Cape May’s driving force in it’s history and development have been it climate and the ocean, both residents and visitors consider our public facilities including parks, rest rooms, playgrounds, parking lots, a 1.4 mile beachfront promenade and boardwalk, 2.8 miles of bathing beaches, a three block pedestrian walking mall, and the various accessories such as our well maintained one hundred and sixty original gas lamps to be of extreme importance.

While maintaining and safeguarding our community, Public Works Department personnel are an information source to our residents and the many visitors. The Department responds to many routine inquires, complaints and suggestions for the general public including requests from people with special needs, such as senior citizens and handicapped individuals. The Department maintains the resources to provide efficient services and respond to a broad range of tasks and emergencies. 


Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

Outfall Pipe Locations:

Elmira & Bank Street
Ocean Street
Queen Street
Union Street
Yacht Ave




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