Cape May City, New Jersey

March 30, 2015
1:26 PM

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Contact Person: John Queenan
CopyPhone Number:   (609) 884-9547

Contact Person: Jeff McCart
CopyPhone Number:   (609) 884-9582

The Code Enforcement Officer conducts investigations in order to ensure and enforce compliance with a variety of ordinances, codes, and other regulations. Such inspections involve making determinations as to compliance or violations of codes based on visual or other specific investigation techniques, such as the obvious physical condition of an item or premises.

The inspections that the Code Enforcement Official conducts are governed by specific procedures and serve as the basis for appropriate legal action where there is failure to comply with applicable regulations. Compliance may be obtained by methods such as persuasion, negotiation, and technical assistance. Compliance may also require actions such as citation of violations, drafting of complaints, and referral of cases for administrative or legal proceedings.

Some key areas that the Code Enforcement Officer governs include: Conservation and Development; Property Maintenance; Community Affairs; Chapter 10-- Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Regulations; Health and Vital Statistics.  

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