Cape May City, New Jersey

July 13, 2020
3:51 AM

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Contact Person: John Queenan
CopyPhone Number:   (609) 884-9547

Contact Person: Jeff McCart
CopyPhone Number:   (609) 884-9582


The Animal Control Officer is responsible for serving the urgent and critical needs of the animals of the community. Urgent and critical needs includes arranging for the medical care of sick and injured animals, investigation of animal cruelty incidents, placement of unwanted or lost animals, participation of a low cost spay and neuter program, and the education on humane treatment of animals.

Through a dedication to the humane treatment of companion animals, the Animal Control Officer is dedicated to the management of pet over-population. The Animal Control Officer is also responsible for the enforcement and education of laws and regulations as they pertain to animals.

Some key areas that the Animal Control Officer governs include: Agriculture and Domestic Animals; Fish and Games; Wild Birds and Animals, Marine Mammals.

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