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July 13, 2020
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Shade Tree Commission  
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Shade Tree Commission

The powers of the Commission are those powers specifically authorized by N.J.S.A. 40:64-5. The Commission shall:

a. Exercise full and exclusive control over the regulation, planting and care of shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery now located, or which may hereafter be planted, in any public highway, park, or parkway, except such are including the planting, trimming, spraying, care and protection thereof.

b. Regulate and control the use of the ground surrounding the same, so far as may be necessary for their proper growth, care and protection.

c. Move or require the removal of any tree, or part thereof, dangerous to public safety.

d. Care for and control such parks and parkways; encourage arboriculture; make, alter, amend and repeal, in the manner prescribed for the passage, alteration, amendment and repeal of ordinances by the City Council, any and all ordinances necessary or proper for carrying out the provisions hereof.

e. Administer treatment to, or remove, any tree situated upon private property which is believed to harbor a disease or insects readily communicable to neighboring healthy trees in the care of the City and enter upon private property for that purpose, with the consent of the owner thereof, provided the suspected condition is first confirmed by certificate issued by or on behalf of the Department of Agriculture.



City of Cape May
Shade Tree Commission
Thomas Keene Regular Member 12/31/2023
Carole Sick Regular Member 12/31/2023
Jay Schatz Chairperson 12/31/2020
Barbara Preminger Regular Member 12/31/2022
Sue Wichterman Regular Member 12/31/2022
Fiore Mannella Regular Member 12/31/2022
George Ator Regular Member 12/31/2019
Carol York Alternate I 12/31/2023
Mark Pask Alternate II 12/31/2022
Shaine Meier Council Liaison 12/31/2019
Nancy Mohan
Second Thursday of each month in City Hall -            2:00 P. M.

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