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Mayors Welcome
Mayor´s Welcome

Cape May may have its roots in the past, but it is boldly stepping into the future by prioritizing sustainable initiatives from visible projects like solar panel installments at City buildings to more obscure policies like green purchasing and green building design.

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The Beach

Cape May is world renowned for its beautiful beaches and has the recognition to back it up. In 2011 Trip Advisor ranked the Cape May City beaches 9th in the world and 2nd in the United States! To keep the beaches pristine, numerous beach cleanups are scheduled by local and statewide groups.

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The Harbor

Cape May´s natural beauty extends beyond its beautiful beaches to the serene and scenic harbor. The harbor is a perfect spot for birdwatching or catching spectacular sunsets and it´s hard to beat the view from the Nature Center's observation deck.

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Water Conservation

The natural setting that makes Cape May so beautiful, also poses a challenge - enough fresh water. Since its beginnings as a summer resort, Cape May has become a year round home to over 4,000 people and the population is growing. Cape May has met the challenge through water conservation education and a state of the art desalination plant.

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Recycling is great for the regional environment and for the local economy. Keeping waste out of landfills preserves open space and saves a lot of money for the City in landfill fees. Plus, the City receives an annual grant based on the amount of material recycled. So recycle as much as you can whether it´s curbside, compost, or construction waste.

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Alternative Energy & Efficiency

Cape May is a leader in Alternative Energy with solar installments at the Lifeguard Headquarters and Public Works Complex, a planned and grant funded wind turbine at Cape May Elementary School and a new Convention Hall built to Silver LEED Standards. Energy efficiency upgrades are continuous at municipal buildings and outreach is a top priority of the Green Team.

Planned Lafayette Park Picture
Open Space & Recreation

Cape May´s Master Plan sets the goal to preserve and enhance the City´s open space and upgrade recreational land use to protect Cape May´s environmental resources and meet the needs of residents and visitors. Much of the City´s open space is environmentally sensitive land, so the City makes an effort to conserve precious natural resources while creating a recreational environment.

Washington Street Mall Photo
Getting Around Gas Free

While in town, why not slow your pace and really enjoy the beauty. Cape May has a variety of options for getting around without your car. Stroll and shop along Washington Street Mall and The Promenade or really take a step back in a horse and carriage ride. Don't forget that great feeling of the breeze while cruising on a bike. Additionally, the plan is to integrate the parks more fully and sustainably into a walkable and vibrant destination City.

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Cape May for All Seasons

Cape May is a wonderful place to call home and for those lucky enough to visit, it creates that special home away from home feeling and there are fantastic venues and events to keep everyone entertained throughout the year. Dine at a green restaurant, stay in a green hotel, or take in a show at the new green Convention Hall. The possibilities are only limited by your available time.

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