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Cape May City has been awarded $100,000 in grants for energy efficiency upgrades, a $26,000 grant for an energy audit that provides a road map to future improvements, and a $10,000 grant through Sustainable Jersey.
Alternative Energy Projects
Cape May´s Conservation Plan adopted in 2009 includes recommendations, policies and goals for energy conservation including promotion of alternative energy sources that include the proposed USCG wind turbine generator project. While details are being worked out for the USCG wind turbine, Cape May City continues to explore other options to produce wind energy.

A wind turbine installment will add to the existing solar energy projects including installments of solar panels at Lifeguard headquarters, the Nature Center and the Public Works Complex. The results of the projects can be tracked on a kiosk at each building and at the links below. The City has also installed solar parking kiosks throughout the community. The City is pursuing another solar project which will include solar panels on the new Convention Hall and the Cape May City Elementary School.

Click here to view energy savings for the Public Works Complex.

Click here to view energy savings for the Lifeguard Headquarters.

Energy Audit
The City was approved through the Local Government Energy Audit (LGEA) Program to conduct an audit of all City Buildings. The audit includes six municipal buildings and provides water and energy conservation recommendations, deregulated energy savings recommendations, lighting and HVAC upgrades and alternative energy recommendations. The City applied for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds to implement the audits and lighting and HVAC improvements have been installed using this grant and the Direct Install Program. Almost $100,000 worth of energy efficiency improvements have been installed in 2011 in Cape May City. The total energy savings resulting from the Direct Install and Block Grant funds will result in annual energy savings of $17,600. The City has registered all of its buildings for third party energy to reduce cost and further implement the audit. The City is pursuing a Power Purchase Agreement and a Sustainable Jersey Grant to implement the alternative energy recommendations.

Click here to view the Energy Audit report.

Energy Efficiency
The Energy Star Portfolio Manager was set up as part of the LGEA Energy Audit for Cape May City. The Portfolio includes data for a full year and all municipally-owned and operated facilities that are occupied and conditioned are included. The Green Team plans to update this data annually to determine how much energy efficiency and renewable Energy improvements have impacted the City´s energy use.
In 2011, efforts made to impact the data in the Energy Star Portfolio Manager include:
» installing solar panels on the Public Works Building, Nature Center, and Life Guard Headquarters
» installing 83 energy efficient light fixtures, occupancy sensors and new HVAC systems at Public Works Building
» installing 485 energy efficient light fixtures and occupancy sensors in City Hall
» completing a Local Government Energy Audit of all City Buildings to determine what can be done to further reduce energy needs
» continuing to promote the use of T8 lighting fixtures and CFL bulbs in City Buildings
» applying for deregulated energy for all City Buildings.