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Welcome to yet another green initiative of Cape May City, website pages dedicated to highlighting the City´s efforts on our journey to sustainability. Since early 2011, with the establishment of Cape May´s Green Team, our City has had as its goal certification through Sustainable Jersey, a program for municipalities looking to sustain their quality of life over the long term, that also makes us eligible to compete for private funding to further enhance our wonderful town.
Sustainable Jersey
Well, not only did we achieve certification at the silver/highest level, we were honored with the Small Municipality Champion Award from Sustainable Jersey, a great start to our comprehensive and systematic approach to sustainability over the next two decades. These achievements are the culmination of years of hard work from dedicated citizens, business owners, and community leaders. We have the support of our wonderful visitors to thank for adding inspiration to exceed expectations.

Amazingly, since we started this journey, Cape May City has been awarded $100,000 in grants for energy efficiency upgrades, a $26,000 grant for an energy audit that provides a road map to future improvements, and a $10,000 grant through Sustainable Jersey to install a small wind turbine at Cape May Elementary School that will reduce energy costs and provide a new component for the school´s growing sustainability curriculum.

The wind turbine will add to the City´s existing use of alternative energy that includes solar panels at the Lifeguard Headquarters and Public Works Complex and the new Convention Hall that has been built to Silver LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards including the use of geothermal heating and cooling. The new Convention Hall is going to be outstanding, providing high quality entertainment including performing arts events, conferences and small conventions throughout the year.

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Tree City USA
For further year-round enjoyment and as part of our sustainability plan, Cape May City has a plethora of open space for passive and active recreation, wildlife viewing, and general appreciation of Cape May´s beauty. Our parks are centers for cultural and artistic, recreational and social events to be enjoyed by citizens and visitors alike.

All of this beauty is enhanced, whether you realize it or not, through our beautifully planned and maintained tree canopy. Cape May City has been a Tree City USA designee for many years. We have the guidance of the shade tree commission to thank for our continued status as a Tree City USA. The Shade Tree Commission oversees the City´s tree plan agreement, tree planting guide, and tree protection ordinance, all aspects of our shade tree forest management plan.

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An Award Winning City
We are a successful and award winning city for many reasons, but mainly because we have been strategically planning our success, asking our citizens and visitors for their support, and working hard to maintain the natural beauty of our city. Aside from our designation in 1976 as a National Historic Landmark because of our extraordinary collection of late-nineteenth century Victorian architecture, Cape May´s setting nestled in the southern tip of New Jersey with glorious beaches of the Atlantic, golden and green wetlands of the harbor, our vast areas of open space, and mature trees, set us apart from your typical shore town.

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Green Government
Cape May City is taking great strides to govern sustainably while acting as a role model to other governments and busineses. Two government actions that are behind the scenes, but make a great impact are the City´s two new ordinances that address Green Building and Environmnetally Preferrable Purchasing.

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Enjoy exploring the "Sustainability by the Sea" pages to learn more about Cape May City´s environmental leadership.

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