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In all of its affairs, Cape May City puts a high priority on conservation and preservation of resources. One simple way all employees, residents, business owners, and visitors can contribute is by recycling and Cape May makes it simple. Curbside recycling is available for all residents and businesses and if one needs to recycle more frequently, the City has a Central Recycling Station that is open year-round and accepts a large variety of items including home electronics, scrap metals, and branches/brush from City residents.

Most people understand the importance of recycling and would happily comply even if it were not mandatory. Since it is a state law and Cape May City recognizes how recycling is key to sustainability, they want to make it as simple a process as possible.
Curbside Recycling
As of September 2011, Cape May accepts All Plastic Bottles, Jugs and Jars up to 5 gallons in size. Specifically, those imprinted with PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, or Other can be recycled along with glass bottles and aluminum and steel cans.

For paper, remember to recycle not only newspaper, paper bags, and cardboard, but office paper, telephone books, paperback books, magazines, pamphlets, and junk mail.

Cape May City goes above and beyond typical curbside collection by collecting rigid plastics curbside and shrink wrap as part of its recycling program. These materials can also be recycled by city residents at the Central Recycling Station.
Paper Shredding
If you are worried about recycling office paper or mail that contains personal information, you can still do the right thing while protecting yourself. Cape May City acquired a high capacity document shredder that can shred a bank box of records in ten minutes. This fantastic service is available to local businesses and residents by appointment every Wednesday.
Food Waste and Composting
Food doesn't have to be waste, it can be fertilizer or feed. Food waste accounted for over 72 tons of material recycled by Cape May City in 2010. This is an impressive amount of waste diverted by businesses in town.

Food waste composting is often a bigger commitment than most people wish to undertake, but backyard composting is simple and involves composting your yard waste. Backyard composting is encouraged by Cape May City in the City Code. According to the Code residents may choose to compost leaves, grass clippings and yard waste generated on their premises. Information on backyard composting may be obtained by calling the City´s Department of Public Works.