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Whether you are looking to unwind and watch the sunset or get active in the canal or on the shore, the harbor is the place to be. From marinas and jet ski rentals to paddling Aqua Trails and The Nature Center, there is something for everyone. The harbor also has abundant opportunities for dining and shopping.
The Harbor as Habitat
As much as Cape May is known for its beaches, it is also a world-renown wildlife viewing destination due to its location on a migratory flyway. In addition to the over 400 species of migratory birds that pass through, Cape May visitors include butterflies, bats, dragonflies, and damselflies and the harbor is a perfect spot for viewing. The harbor and meadows are serene rest stops for the creatures during their migration making the harbor a precious natural resource.
Aerial Photograph of Harbor
The environmental significance of HarborFest grew in 2011 when it became a green festival in accordance with Sustainable Jersey guidelines. With the help and support of Cape May City, the Cape May City Green Team and the Cape May City Environmental Commission, environmental exhibits were added from the Atlantic County Utilities Authority, New Jersey American Water Company, South Jersey Energy and Atlantic City Electric among others, including alternative energy companies. The Environmental Commission and the Green Team collected signatures for the Cape May City Green Challenge, distributed environmental and energy saving information, and the City purchased and distributed reusable bags.

At the very first HarborFest, a tradition was started whereby a memorial service or "Blessing of the Waters" is conducted at the Fisherman´s Memorial on the Friday night before the event. After the loss of the Lady Mary in 2009, the Blessing took on added significance as the families of the lost fishermen gathered and joined local clergy and the community at the Blessing of the Waters ceremony. More than any other Cape May event, HarborFest and the Blessing of the Waters epitomizes Cape May´s close association with the sea; the sea upon which this community depends so much.
HarborFest Photograph