Cape May Announces New Beach Patrol Administration

Cape May City is pleased to announce the promotion of Sara Werner to Lieutenant of the Cape May Beach Patrol.  Pulling on her 18 years of experience with Cape May’s Beach Patrol, Sara Werner represents a new chapter in a City and Beach Patrol steeped in history and tradition. She will take her place on the beaches this year as the first female Lieutenant.

Sara Werner joins the administration along with the new Superintendent of Beaches, Chief Harry Back and new Captain, Marty Franco.   “Sara’s growth over the years is highlighted by her outstanding ability to communicate across the spectrum of humanity. Earning her the respect of everyone”, said Chief Harry Back.  

Sara plans to promote a culture filled with transparency, inclusion, and trust. “I look forward to taking on this leadership role in honor of the incredible women who came before me and those who come next”, said Werner.

 “Lieutenant Sara Werner’s enthusiasm, kindness, compassion, and zest for life is contagious.  Sara is one of the nicest, hardest working people I know.  She loves Cape May, she loves being on the water, and she cares about the safety of our residents and visitors.  I could not be happier with the selection of Sara Werner. She will be a shining light for what is the best Beach Patrol in the country for years to come. To rise to the top of this group is no small feat.  Superintendent (Chief) Harry Back is putting together a great team of professionals.  My congratulations to both Captain Franco & Lieutenant Werner,” Cape May City Mayor Zack Mullock said in support.




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