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Tax Collector FAQ's

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When are Taxes Due?

Tax Due Dates: Taxes are due and payable quarterly on the 1st of February, May August, and November.  To pay a tax bill in full, add the amount due on each of the four numbered stubs provided on the tax bill. The State of New Jersey does not permit postmark.  Taxes are due in the office by the close of the business day on the 1st of February, May, August, and November to avoid interest charges.  However, if the 1st falls on a weekend or Legal Holiday, you have until the next business day to make payment without interest.

When will tax bills be mailed?

Tax bills are mailed in July and the 3rd quarter payment is due August 1st.  If you have a mortgage company escrowing for taxes and they do not receive a copy of the tax bill from the Tax Office, it is the owner’s responsibility to see that they get a copy.  Tax bills are to be forwarded upon sale of a property between buyer and seller.  Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve the owner from paying taxes.  Interest will be applied to all late payments.  Please contact this office if you need a copy of your tax bill.

What if need to change my mailing address?

Please notify Collector of Address change by mail or email to or

Is there a grace period for tax payments?

No. The City of Cape May does not provide a grace period. Taxes are due by the close of the business day on the due date to avoid interest charges.

What is the interest rate on delinquent taxes?

Interest will be charged at the rate of 8% per annum up to $1500.00 of the delinquency and 18% per annum over $1500.00 until taxes are current.

How can I receive a receipt by mail for my tax payment?

To receive a receipt for a payment, please included the entire tax bill with a stamped self-addressed envelope.  Otherwise, detach the appropriate stub and mail with your check. The cancelled check will be your receipt.

What other penalties might I incur?

Taxes not paid by December 31st of the current year, in excess of $10,000 will be assessed a 6% year-end penalty.

What if my check is returned by my bank due to an error?

A $20.00 charge for checks returned by bank. The City of Cape May does not redeposit returned checks

What is a tax sale and when is it held?

Unpaid taxes, interest and other Municipal charges become a lien. The Collector shall enforce the lien through a publicly held tax sale. The City of Cape May holds a standard tax sale each year for delinquent taxes not paid for the prior year. The sale can be held any time between January 1st and December 31st. Properties included in the tax sale will be advertised in the Cape May Star & Wave newspaper for four weeks prior to the week of the sale. If a property is included in our tax sale, a lien will be placed against it. You must contact our office for a redemption statement

I heard about a senior citizen deduction, how can I apply?

To qualify for a senior citizen deduction, you must meet all qualifications listed below:

  • Age 65 as of December 31st of pretax year for Senior Citizen, no age requirement for Disabled Persons
  • Citizenship in the State of New Jersey
  • Ownership as of October 1st of pretax year, and in New Jersey for at least one year immediately preceding October 1st of pretax year
  • Income – cannot exceed $10,000 (husband/wife combined) excluding of the following: social security (up to $34,332 per person), Government Pension, or Railroad Pension
Do you offer a tax deduction for veterans?

Yes, however to qualify for the $250 deduction you must meet all the qualifications below:

  • Citizenship in the State of New Jersey
  • Residency in New Jersey
  • Active wartime service in the United States Armed Services
  • Honorably Discharged