Beach Safety Advisory Committee

Beach Safety Advisory Committee

(Created January 1, 2017 by City Council Resolution 42-01-2017)


To study and review beach safety issues;

To promote beach safety, beach management and beach replenishment initiatives;

To communicate issues of concern with County, State and Federal representatives. 

Selected Tasks:

  • Continue and expand public education on beach safety;
  • Establish data baselines and promote on-going data collection on beach or surf related injuries and on beach profiles;
  • Promote modifications and improvements to beach profiles to enhance beach safety;
  • Research and promote a Federal beach safety demonstration project and other studies to improve beach management and safety;
  • Propose improvements to signage at beach entry points and on promenade;
  • Promote improvements to beachfront public address system.

Chair - Dennis de Satnick

Council Liaison - Lorraine Baldwin

Secretary - Vacant

Business Community Rep. - Todd de Satnick

Public Safety Reps:
Alex Coulter
Joseph Picard


Dennis de Satnick
Jack Wichterman
Kate Wyatt

School Rep. - Richard Demers 


Chad de Satnick 

Jeff Martin

Medical Facility Reps:
Cape Regional Medical Center
Cape May UrgentCare
AtlanticCare Trauma Center
Cooper Hospital 

Resolution Est. - 42-01-2017

Meeting Dates/Times - 4th Monday Jan-Nov 4:00PM