Municipal Buildings & Properties Committee

Municipal Buildings & Properties Advisory Committee

(Created October 3 ,2017 by City Council Resolution 230-10-2017 and amended by City Council Resolution 235-10-2017.)


To assess unused or underutilized properties that are not generating taxes or other revenues for the City;

To conduct an inventory and assessment of City-owned property to determine potential options for the use, repurposing, sale or other disposition of the sites;

To assure the City’s real assets are safeguarded and maintained as clean, healthy, secure land and/or facilities.

Selected Tasks:

  • Carry out an in-depth inventory of the number, location, condition, usage and value of City-owned buildings and properties, including property currently unused, underutilized, or in use for City purposes or under lease to other entities:
  • Propose plans for renovating, repurposing, maintaining, using, leasing and otherwise managing City-owned buildings and property;
  • Establish criteria for assessing whether City buildings and property should be put on the market and sold;
  • Explore the availability of grant money or other funding resources to renovate, refurbish or otherwise make improvements to City-owned buildings and property;
  • Propose a preliminary assessment and/or plan of action, including sequencing, costs, resources and timetable for renovating or replacing key City-owned properties including City Hall and City Parks;
  • Review the agreements of City-owned buildings and land leased to non-profit organizations such as the Nature Center, the Middle Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities, the Cape May Stage, the Franklin Street School and gymnasium and any other such property.

Chair - Robert Elwell

Council Liaison - Stacy Sheehan


Gregg Giancola
Hugh McCauley
Larry Reed
Robert Boyd
Timothy Walsh
Wayne Keyser
Lou Belasco
Charles King

Resolution Est. - 230-10-2017

Meeting Dates/Times - 1st & 3rd Tuesday's at 11:00am