Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee

(Created June 5, 2017 by City Council Resolution 150-06-2017)


To encourage social, health and well-being benefits of walking and cycling;

To promote maintenance of safe walkways and bicycle paths;

To marshal local support of educational programs on pedestrian safety and the maintenance and safety bicycles and low-speed vehicles (LSV).

Selected Tasks:

  • Explore ways to facilitate and monitor multi-modal mobility options, e.g., walking, biking, skating, LSV, surreys, jitneys.
  • Assess City sidewalks and bath paths and recommend repairs as needed;
  • Distribute pedestrian safety brochures and bicycle lights;
  • Develop and distribute a Bike Map in collaboration with Cape May Lewes Ferry and the municipalities of West Cape May and Cape May Point;
  • Promote new signage and street markings compatible with Bike Map;
  • Seek designation of the City of Cape May as a bike-safety community.

Chair - Holly Tilford

Council Liaison

Secretary - Terry DiUbaldi

Hilary Prichard
Evelyn Lovitz
Terry Diubaldi
James Moffatt
Bob Morris
Jeff Vecere
Jessica Besack 

Peter Hardy 

Resolution Est. - 150-06-2017

Meeting Dates/Times - Every other Wed. 3:30-5:30