Library Advisory Committee

The Library Advisory Committee was established by ordinance in 2003 and had become inactive.  Mayor Lear reactivated the committee in May 2, 2017 by affirming and/or appointing members.


To act as an advisory body to the City Council regarding the needs and operations of the Cape May Branch of the Cape May County Library.

To act as a liaison between the City Council, the citizens of the City of Cape May and the Cape May County Library.

To determine the method of maintaining and utilizing funds donated to the Cape May library for such library or scholarship purposes necessary as the Committee deems proper, subject the the approval of the City County.


The Committee shall consist of 5 members, all of whom, shall be residents fo the City of Cape May.  All members shall serve 1 year terms and shall be appointed by the Mayor.

Anita deSatnick - Chair

Eileen Cassidy
George Catanese

Ed Hutchinson

Lorraine Jorgensen Walsh

Past Members:
Nena Wise

Janice Davis