Municipal Taxation & Revenue Advisory Committee

Created by City Council Resolution 82-02-2020

To investigate alternative sources of revenue, and to consider new and innovative ways to finance the provision of municipal services, to improve infrastructure, to plan for capital improvements, to maintain a stable tax and ratable base, and to maintain the City's property taxes at the minimum level necessary to provide those necessary services. 

Selected Tasks:
- Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the City's current budgeting practices, and of the community it serves
- Consult with any and all sources of expertise
- Identify models of revenue sources and resources allocation
- Make recommendations to the City Manager and City Council toward a goal of implementing a fair and equitable revenue plan for the property owners, business owners, residents and visitors of the City of Cape May

City Council Liaison - Stacy Sheehan
Chamber of Commerce -Charity Clark
Tax Payers Association of Cape May - Dennis Crowley
Cottagers Association - Russ Dickhart
Washington Street Mall Management Company - Carolyn Zebrowski
Garden Club of Cape May - Deborah Lukens
Cape May Corinthian Yacht Club - Michael Yeager

Village Green Civic Association - Maureen McDade
City Resident - Robert Elwell
City Resident - Cynthia Mullock

MTRAC Recommendation #1 Occupancy Tax.docx 

MTRAC Recommendation #2 - Fiscal Note.docx 

MTRAC Recommendation #3 - Stipend Policy.docx 

MTRAC Recommendation #4 - PILOT.docx 

MTRAC Recommendation #5 Comprehensive Ordinance.pptx